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Man and Van Service

At Sunrise Removals we also offer a Man and Van service.

If you are thinking of hiring a van and doing your removal yourself, a Man and Van service may well be the compromise you are looking for.

7.5 Ton Truck or Luton Van

A man and van from Sunrise Removals could be either a man and Luton van, but could also be a man and 7.5 ton truck. Just contact us and we can discuss what will be most appropriate for the specific job you have in mind.

Professional help......

If you are thinking of hiring a van, it's quite likely that you'll need some help. If you hire a man and van from Sunrise Removals you will not only be hiring the vehicle, you will have a professional helper who knows exactly how to stack your furniture and how to load the vehicle efficiently and safely. You will also have the equipment you need to make your move go smoothly. Trollies, blankets to wrap your furniture, ties etc etc.

It's always best to speak, so please 'Call us' to discuss the details of your move. If you prefer you can email us and we will respond as soon as possible.

Contact: Isabelle Mitchell
Mobile: 07909 975509

Tel: 01258 451665


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